Thursday, January 31, 2008

the DEA - not just anti-freedom: also anti-technology.

Something's possessed me to offer to write articles lately. I wrote a piece on the attempt to overthrow John Tory for the Western Standard earlier this month and am working on my next article, and I've offered to do a piece for my campus paper on Marc Emery's extradition.

In order to the the other side, I need to get in touch with the DEA.

Anyone who knows me knows I have an inexplicable aversion to talking on the phone, so I usually prefer to set up something via e-mail before I do a phone interview. Unfortunately, the contact us page for the DEA offers to allow contact by email only if you have a question about the website.

I'd ask when the DEA is going to join us in the 21st century, but then I remembered what their job is.


zolton said...

I was hoping that you guys would be a little more upset about this extradition and start barking a little louder!
Is it A bitter pill the conservatives are swallowing?
I disagree with allot of Emery's viewpoint's but what is happening to him is wrong!
In this instance we have found common ground.
It is though to me quite disheartening to see such a little fight being thrown, when your the people that are supposed to be fighting for him.

Janet said...

Emery's extradition and the fact that he has to make a deal to go to jail for longer than some rapists are bullshit.

In my opinion there's no hope for help from the government because Nicholson is a social conservative and Harper is too intent on appealing to the socon base by refusing clemency and extraditing seed sellers to worry about the broader implications for the freedom of Canadians.

zolton said...

So all that tripe about socialists in Canada being fascists is? B.S hypocrisy?
Is the mirage actually a visage of ones self?
The only reason Why Harper is being socially conservative at all is to get his majority!
Then we will the the true fascism begin! SPP, NAU etc...
How can you fight for freedom when you throw allot of your support to the new conservative party?
The NDP to me seems to be the best party hands down on almost all issues. This one included.
The anarcho-capitalist libertarians have a real chance here to show to other conservatives what their about, and be right on the issue!
I would also say the left is ready to fight issue if you guys showed more heart on it, even though Emery is not our cup of tea!