Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i know, i know

I've been a terrible blogger. School and freedom fighting are time consuming.

But this is just too good to not share. It's not often you find a whole neighbourhood of people who would rather look at a giant haystack in their neighbourhood for four years than this:

If ever there was a great reason for getting rid of a bylaw...

h/t: Bureaucrash

Also, what the hell is this?
First the I Heart Harper calendar, then the Harper looking at Harper Christmas card (which I kind of like better now that I've heard Laureen Harper designed it, but still) and a fundraising letter with which I was sent an 8.5"x11" photo of the Harpers, and now the Stephen Harper gallery on parliament hill.

Seriously, people. He's not ugly, but the man is not that good looking.


Raphael Alexander said...

There's a fine line between a healthy and unhealthy ego, eh?

Janet said...

There is, but if he hasn't completely bypassed the line, the party has done it for him.

zolton said...

Conservative party members have their own will and judgment?

NB taxpayer said...

There are so many bandwagoning consultants in Ottawa that want to leech off the government's disposable income that they start advising him on what colour of tie he should be wearing, what lipstick and blush he should be putting on, how to part his hair, etc. Akkkkk!!

I got one for them, instead of advising his staff to put up photos on a wall like a grade two class, start telling him to govern like a conservative and everything should be ok.