Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coyne hits the in & out nail on the head.

imho, the "in-and-out" story should be dead. While I think the Tories broke the spirit of the law, and that if they want to be able to spend more they should be moving to eliminate any and all campaign spending limits (which are bad for free speech anyway, especially when they're imposed on non-party groups), this all could have been pointed out the first time we all had to hear about it.

Andrew Coyne gets even more to the heart of the problem in his opinion column in the latest Maclean's:
"If you want something to get upset about, you should know that a good part of all this spending, national or local, is on your dime: whether through tax credits for political contributions, or the reimbursements of candidate's expenses, or the infamous $1.75-per-vote "allowance" brought in under the Chretien reforms. If you ask me, that's a scandal. But whether a party spends with its left hand or its right? Meh."
I commented on the disparity between donations to charities and to political parties the other day, because I think Coyne is absolutely right.

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