Saturday, April 26, 2008

new links

I've been remiss - these should have gone up as soon as I'd sat down to start blogging again.

For those who didn't hear about the wacky shenanigans of the D.C. park police at the impromptu silent dance party for Thomas Jefferson's birthday a few weeks ago, check out Free the Jefferson 1, a site dedicated to helping a dancer who found out the hard way that no, you cannot, in fact, dance if you want to. (Or, if you really want to, you must leave your friends behind.) The site will remain in my links until the situation is resolved. (Help out by donating, even if all you can contribute is $15 or $20... or perhaps $17.76?)

On a related note, my good friend Jason had started a blog in his post-Bureaucrash career over at J.D. Talley. Do check it out - it's closely related to the first link as he is right in the thick of things in the silent Thomas Jefferson dance party scene.

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