Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ow, my head

On one hand, Liberals propose a carbon tax, which will apply to gas, that would make people "pay the true cost of their effects on the environment."

On the other hand, they think that we definitely need to do something about rising gas prices. We can't let oil companies (and small business owners!) gouge consumers - we need to protect them!!... from... er... the costs of their effect on the environment.

I guess the real problem is that too much of the profit is going to someone who creates wealth, and not enough is being funneled towards government programs and MP/bureaucrat salaries.

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zolton said...

The value of things in the current systematization of our labor forces is skewed.
Whats more valuable a bottle of water or a diamond?

Did I hear you correctly advocating more money for government programs and less profit for the oil companies?