Wednesday, July 09, 2008

i have the explanation.

Prentice wants explanation for text message fees.

I have the explanation!


I am in Washington, DC for the summer. My roommate has a cell phone and is able to call Hawaii for the same price that she calls home to Virginia. She has no limits on texting and is confused by the idea that I would pay roaming. She does not have any kind of special plan, and no one seems to think she has an especially good plan.

That is the power of competition.

If only Prentice was in a position to help this happen in Canada!

He can blame the companies all he wants, he can "reluctantly" interfere with the industry - but all he really has to do is allow as many companies as would like to enter the market to enter the market, and let them find the best way to add value for consumers.

On the bright side, I'm with Rogers.

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BruceMajors said...

Clearly you just need a much older sugar daddy to pay your phone bill.

I bet you can find one. They love free advice and find assumptions most amusing.