Thursday, November 13, 2008

Economics and Government Seminar in Waterloo on November 22!

The Institute for Liberal Studies will be hosting its newest seminar on November 22 at the University of Waterloo on Economics and Government.

The seminar will be a one-day discussion on an economic analysis of the role of government, but you don't have to be an economist to want to attend.

Do you wonder what's going on with our economy? A lot of people have been blaming the government for not regulating, but that's not the only theory out there. Come hear George Bragues' talk on The Panic of 2007-2008: Not the Free Market's Fault for another perspective.

Ever wonder why people generally think that everyone is out for what's best for them (for better or for worse) but seem to assume that the government, which is run by politicians and bureaucrats - and they're people, too! - is assumed to do what's best for society? Peter Holle from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy will tackle this topic with his talk on Public Choice and Public Policy: Overcoming Self Interest in Government.

And finally, what happens when government far oversteps its natural reach? Come and hear Yuri Maltsev, a former advisor to Gorbachev and defector from the USSR, talk about The Fall of Communism and the Rise of 21st Century Socialism, which should be a real treat.

As is typical for our events, we like to celebrate afterwards, so all attendees and friends who couldn't make it are invited to come and see Lindy, great friend of the ILS and phenomenal musician (seriously - check him out) perform at Maxwell's in Kitchener on the evening of the 22nd.

This is shaping up to be a really great event, and there are only 12 spots left, so register now!

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