Monday, November 17, 2008

McGuinty sucks big time for this one.

Hugh MacIntyre over at The Shotgun just blogged about some horrendous new teen driving laws being proposed by the McGuinty government. They include:

- Zero tolerance for any alcohol while driving. This includes 19 year olds who have attained a G license.
- A complete ban on more than one teen passenger.
- Zero tolerance for speeding. One ticket for a teenager means a revoked license.

Go read and comment and be suitably horrified.


Anonymous said...

ya, McGuinty and his feel good, do good policies are coming out of the woodwork. It is sad what happened to the guy's son who initially got the ball rolling by writing to McGuinty, but, the guy got drunk and crashed. It happens all too often, not just by teens, old people do it to. This law that targets teens (16-21 none the less)is not needed IMHO. So some guy decides to drink and drive and suddenly all teens must pay the price for someone else's actions? Its ridiculous. People need to start taking responsibility for their actions and parents especially.

It is becoming too common for parents to look to the government to help them raise their kids, and with laws like this becoming more common, the evidence is there that people are lazy.

Rod Smith said...

Love the blog :)

benedicttar asomaning said...

i think is really not fair for the premier to propose that law to only young drivers and teens because it's not only teen or young drivers that get drunk and drive all driver does. This is for sure a bad thing to do by the premier

cheesechoker said...

IANAL, but couldn't this be contested under Section 15 (“Equality Rights”) of the Charter?

Of course, the second subsection of Section 15 leaves a huge gaping exception for any law that “has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals”, which could be argued of McGuinty's proposed legislation (it would be a bogus argument, but that never seems to matter).

And then there's always the escape clauses of Section One and, god forbid, the notwithstanding clause. Oh, the joys of a modern constitution.

Charles Martin Cosgriff said...

Ah, but is driving not a privilege, according to society? You must change that perception in the arena of public opinion first, or the government can do all it wants with drivers.

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