Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bush II's spending record.

It has been frustrating to watch Republicans with newly acquired fiscal brains (some already had one, I'll give them that) kicking and screaming over the increases in spending Obama is proposing without recognizing the disastrous record their party has had over the past decade.
Well, the Mercatus Center recently released a report on the Bush spending record. Since a picture's worth a thousand words, I'll save you the quotes today and go with the following instead:


Note: those 2009 numbers on the second chart are, I think, a combination of Bush/Obama numbers since they use the FY2009 budget estimates. The point is Republicans shouldn't feel all high-and-mighty over Democrats historically on spending, even if, as Matt Welch put it, "Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton."
Anyway, now I can feel good about myself while I laugh condescendingly at both parties in the states (while being a little frightened by the implications), but you ought to read the overview yourself and make up your own mind.
h/t: Reason
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Stop lying!

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