Saturday, March 28, 2009

Canada won't throw more money at stimulus.

Or at least the government won't commit to doing so.

That's good news. Let's hope they stick to it.

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Blame Crash said...

But the new “hero” of the “Shotgun Posse” will gladly do it. Won't he !

All those Bankers and Corporate Big Shots from Toronto and Montreal
can almost taste all that sweet free money that Count Iffy of America is going to hand over to them. No questions asked, just a knowing wink that says "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours".

The “Posse Boys” will surely not see it though; the intellectual fog that surrounds them just doesn’t allow it. All they can think about is Harper and how he hasn’t imposed the Libertarian theology on Canadians, whether they agree with it or not.

I wonder how they’re going to deal with reality, if and when their new Hero gets a chance to double, then triples the deficit from what the Conservative’s have done? Have they heard Count Iffy of America’s statement that he’s “ Obama’s biggest fan in the WORLD!”. But then again it probably doesn’t matter on account of that menacing fog.

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