Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the first train wreck of the 2009 PCPO leadership race...

... appears to be a tribute site to Tim Hudak's leadership run. No, thank goodness, it's not actually Tim Hudak's website - read the fine print at the bottom. (Note, you might want to turn down your volume before visiting that site.)
"Draft Randy Hillier" has a halfway decent looking website up and running, though it is also, and I quote: "Not Authorized by Randy Hillier, or anyone else for that matter."
h/t: Ken.
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Ken said...

Janet, I posted that, not Hugh. (we both both on the blog)

Janet said...

Oh! I for some reason didn't know that. I'll make the correction.

Lemon said...

Kinda weak - bad grammar, bad picture and some awful Cv stuff on job history - Was Asst Manager at Walmart which resulted in savign thousands of jobs???
Border Guard as a summer job was private sector??
Needs to clean this up right away

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