Thursday, March 12, 2009

Harper trashing libertarians?

My phone started buzzing off the hook tonight with claims that Harper was trashing libertarians in his speech. Stephen Taylor's twitter reports:
Harper: sympathy to libertarian ideal - but libertarians often unlikely to take respnsibility. eg drug abuse and unreg'd mrkts
but also
Harper: conservatism is the three f's... Freedom, family, and faith
Does not compute. If you don't trust people to be moral or responsible, then there is no room for freedom in your philosophy.

It will be interesting to hear the partisan spin on this speech tomorrow. I've heard that some didn't interpret it this way. I can come back with the Tory take, but while I think some Conservatives can claim ignorance - as they don't even realize that Harper's statement is insulting to libertarians (though it should be obvious) - Harper knows better and doesn't have that luxury.

An attendee of the speech offers a clarification: Harper wasn't saying that libertarians are more likely to engage in drug abuse, but that it's an example of how people are not worthy of freedom. These are the things that can get lost in Tweetlation.

Anyway, it's a good thing we have laws, otherwise we might have drug abuse and unregulated markets in Canada. Right? Right? ha.

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Kerry said...

Drug abuse? Libertarians do not necessarily condone or endorse the use of drugs, but we do believe that law enforcement officials should be able to direct the majority of their resources towards tracking down serial killers and rapists.

This means we're unlikely to take responsibility?

dejrabel said...

due to less regulation on the banks (ie capitalization ratio, & sub prime) the western world has gone down the crapper..whereas Canada who was ok got dragged down with the more libertarian markets.

Freedom is good but the gov't is there to make sure one person's freedom does not hurt another, like Canada did by having some minor standards for banks, whereas the wild wild rest of the west was maybe too libertarian in their banking and mortgages.

Ken said...

dejrabel, it wasn't because Canada had more regulation, but it was because we had less of the bad legislation.

The government forcing banks to lend to people that cannot afford mortgages and implicitly guaranteeing the loans isn't exactly "libertarian".

Blame Crash said...

Oh you poor, poor, libertarians.
Are you expecting people to shed a tear for you?
I've got a solution for you, rather than expecting Harper to be your ideologies waterboy, why don't you go do it your bloody selves! Isn’t that what Ayn Rand would do?
It's really simple, just get yourself and another hundred and sixty like minded people elected to Parliament, and viola! You can do as you please. Of course that will require the support of the people of Canada, which you don’t have.
Sometimes, libertarians remind me of socialists. Both groups have a similar disconnect from reality.

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