Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's political grab bag.

The "homeless cons" make the news, spurring more talk of a fracture in the Conservative Party, but with Harper at the helm and in the PMO it's all premature if you ask me.

Pollsters and Buzz Hargrove interpret a returning of the Liberal base to their party after the disaster that was Stephane Dion as weakness on the NDP's, and more specifically Jack Layton's part.

Pierre Poilievre noticed that Google Street View exists and threw the hissy fit that everyone else got out of their system a few years ago.

And Frank Klees did a cannonball into the Ontario PC leadership race while we were all facing the other way waiting to watch Hudak, Hillier and Elliott dive in. For more on this one read Hugh's post yesterday, since he was reporting from the ground.

UPDATE: It seems like it belongs here - pollsters have, I think for the first time, found that Canadians think Iggy is the leader best suited to handle the economic crisis. I know it's a poll. I know you can make them say almost anything. But they do provide some indication of public opinion, and they haven't said this before, so it's noteworthy anyway.

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