Saturday, March 28, 2009

We might be contradictory, but at least we're not backpeddling!

At a time when Ontario PCs are ramping up for a leadership race (that's about to start in earnest on Monday) in an attempt to make themselves something resembling relevant again, members are (or should be) paying attention to where their likely leadership contenders stand on the issues.
It might be a bit confusing for some to see Tim Hudak, the perceived front runner in the race, coming out against further minimum wage increases (and rightly so when Ontario jobs are already disappearing) but insisting that they must be implemented if they were announced in this week's budget.
Ontario Progressive Conservative finance critic Tim Hudak, whose party doesn't support an increase to the minimum wage, said he expects the government to stick by the budget they present.
Minimum wage has increased in Ontario extremely quickly since McGuinty became Premier in 2003. It wouldn't be politically difficult to consistently oppose this job-killing policy, even if it is in the Liberal budget.
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