Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hudak announces new goals for education

I'm impressed to see that any provincial leadership candidate is willing to touch education with a ten-foot pole after the whole, you know, faith-based funding thing. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it.

Hudak has announced some minor changes that he would make, mostly in the goals of the education system rather than in any kind of substantial reform. The press release is "Supporting families through quality education," which really left me with high hopes that maybe, just maybe, there would be some acknowledgment that parents might know where the best place to send their kids is (vouchers!) but since any education announcement is a surprise, I suppose I can't be too disappointed to not see major changes. It's not like I should expect that after, say, taking french for five years in public school you should expect we'd want a system that would tach students to be able to actually *speak* it.

Anyway, here are the proposed education goals from Hudak's website:

  • Enhanced Use of Phonics: Greater emphasis on phonics as a basis for literacy and enhanced training and support for teachers in its use.
  • High School Exit Exams: Work with the Education Quality and Accountability Office to introduce province-wide high school exit exams to provide more information to parents, students and post-secondary institutions.
  • Financial Literacy: Make economic and financial literacy a mandatory part of the high school curriculum.
  • Fair and Accurate Grading: Eliminate unfair pressure on teachers to make sure students pass even if the student is unwilling or unable to complete the work.

So there you go. All of those are probably good ideas. No strong feelings from my end on any of it, I just thought I'd let y'all know what's up.

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