Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Jefferson 1 goes to court.

If you pay attention to this sort of thing you'll notice that we're coming up on Thomas Jefferson's birthday, which is April 13th. If you know that, it's significantly more likely that you've heard about the "Jefferson 1," a dancer who was arrested for bopping silently to her iPod as part of a group of libertarians celebrating Jefferson's birthday last year.

Although those celebrating were dancing quietly in the memorial at a time when it was not busy (around midnight), the park police told them they had to leave because they were causing some sort of ruckus, and Brooke Oberwetter, who would become "The Jefferson 1" was arrested and detained.

(Political Animals interviewed one of her supporters last year, you can read a short blurb about it here.)

Well, coming up on the one-year anniversary of her arrest, the Jefferson 1 will be suing the officer who arrested her and the Secretary of the Interior. You can read her official complaint, posted at The Agitator, by clicking here. (pdf)

I wish her all the best.

Ed's update: Here's video of Brooke Oberwetter being covered by Fox News DC:

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