Friday, April 10, 2009

Kay to conservatives: stop blaming gay marriage

Jonathan Kay has a good article over at Full Comment in response to conservatives who are upset about the possibility that polygamy could win its battle in the courts and demand that we all renounce support for gay marriage as a result.

Kay doesn't think that polygamy will win in the courts, but he thinks it's beside the point, anyway.

... even if polygamy makes it through the courts, Warren can't put the
blame on gay marriage. The two are related only in the sense that both
are independent symptoms of a society gradually cutting itself adrift
from traditional Judeo-Christian mores. Correlation does not imply

In fact, it's unclear to me whether gay marriage has had any broad liberalizing effect on our society — notwithstanding the hysterical prophesies emitted by social conservatives upon its inception.

In fact, a recent poll of 5,500 Canadian teenagers shows that, if anything, the next generation of brides and grooms will be more responsible and conventionally bourgeois than its forebears (despite a marked decline in religiosity).

I threw in my two cents on the polygamy debate last month here.

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