Thursday, April 30, 2009

More on Coalition 2: The Reckoning

From Aaron Wherry at Macleans:

Stephen Harper, Dec. 1.“I would certainly not want to find myself governing this economy today in a situation that required me to follow socialist economics and to be at the behest of a veto of the separatists.”

James Moore, heckling Gilles Duceppe, Dec. 1. “Traitor!”

Stephen Harper, Dec. 2. “The Canadian people made a choice to elect the Conservative Party to govern, without the support of the separatists.”

Dean Del Mastro, heckling Jack Layton, Dec. 3. “Jack, you’re a traitor.”

Stephen Harper, Dec. 3. “The Liberal Party leader proposes to help the economy by signing a pact with the Quebec sovereignists to govern the country. This is not a plan to improve the economy; it is a plan to destroy this country, which is why he should withdraw his proposal.”

Canadian Press, tonight. “The Harper government has sketched out a road map that would see it avoid an election in this recession year and survive to bask in the glory of the 2010 Olympic Games … The Tories need to stave off defeat in confidence votes until then and are considering ways to secure support from the NDP and Bloc Quebecois on a case-by-case basis … The Bloc will table its own list of economic demands Thursday, and they have been pushing for EI changes as well as a tax-harmonization deal for Quebec
One senior Conservative said there will be plenty of ways for the parties to work together. ‘We’re hopeful they’d want to work with us. … Maybe cooler heads will prevail,’ he said.”

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ian said...

No more deals please!
Just govern sensibly

wilson said...

'One senior Conservative'says...blah blah

now who would that be?
Not a senior in the Conservative government,
not a senior Conservative insider,
a senior considered a Conservative...the janitor?

Funny how the Bloc and Dippers pick an issue PMSH and the government are already working on revising, eh.

paulsstuff said...

Iggy January 5th: "Bloc MPs are duly elected by Québec voters. They are not traitors, they are not the enemies of Canada."

Iggy March 12th: "I could be sitting here as your prime minister, but I turned it down because I didn’t think it was right for someone who believes in the national unity of my country to make a deal with people who want to split the country up".

Blame Crash said...

So what’s your point with this post?
What are you implying by echoing this garbage? Do you actually believe this half witted liberal spin? Do you believe everything that journalists tell you to think?
Are all the Glibertarians still pouting about their sensitive feeling?
Still feeling “put out” that the Conservatives didn’t enact Marshall Law and force the “Liberty Luving Theology” down the throat of all Canadians whether they disagreed with it or not?
After all, most libertarians knows that their version of “Liberty” must always trump a insignificant little thing like “Democracy”.

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