Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More tea party goodness!

Tea Competitive Enterprise Institute, the think tank I interned at last summer with Bureaucrash, had a stockpile of tea in their office for today's festivities.

A photo tweeted by Wayne Crews, VP for policy at CEI first got my attention, but Bureaucrash has the high-res goods and more details on how CEI came to have tea piled to the ceiling in their office:

The good folks from dropped by CEI today after the Park Service told them that while they had a perfectly legal permit to demonstrate in LaFayette Park today, that they hadn’t specifically asked if they could display the 1 million bags of tea they had trucked in. It’s tougher to have a tea party these days—regulations and permits were not a part of the first one.

Thankfully, some of these tea partiers were friends of CEI.

So the tea bags—at least a portion of them—were stacked to the ceiling in our conference room. Each bag of tea represented the donation of someone to the project, meaning that over a million Americans are sick and tired of being treated like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama’s ATM.

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