Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Elliott would freeze minimum wage

Like Tim Hudak, Christine Elliott has promised that she would freeze Ontario's minimum wage for four years if she were elected Premier of Ontario to help job creation in the province.

Elliott voiced her concern about the impact Dalton McGuinty’s wage hikes are having on Ontario’s minimum wage workers: “It is vulnerable new entrants to the workforce especially young people and new Canadians—who are most affected by McGuinty’s foolish policy. Minimum wage jobs may soon become scarce in Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario. His wage increases have made it harder for businesses to hire that one additional employee – the costs are simply becoming prohibitive.”


Elliott, herself a small business owner, noted that “while a high minimum wage rate often sounds like a nice idea, the reality is that minimum wage employees and small business owners end up paying the higher price. It makes us less competitive at a time when we cannot afford it.”

It looks like this is a policy we can count on seeing in the platform of the PC party in the next election.

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