Saturday, May 02, 2009

Harper quashes Coalition 2.0

Stephen Harper is denying any rumours that his government would form any sort of pact with the Bloc or the NDP. Harper was quoted in this story:

"That is absolutely untrue. We listen to all members of Parliament. The Bloc Quebecois stands for the breakup of this country. We will not govern this country in a pact or arrangement with the Bloc Quebecois. We've been clear on that for years. I don't know where that's coming from, but there is no contemplation of that, let alone possibility of that."

Well, as fun as it would have been if it panned out (I, for one, would have had a field day), I am happy to hear that the Conservatives aren't that inconsistent.

I reported on the rumors here and here, although as I said from the get-go, even if the Bloc and/or NDP did prop up the government, it would only be a "coalition" by the definition of some partisan Tories.

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1 comment:

wilson said...

It's just Liberals sucking in stupid people,
while trying to cause a rift in the Conservative camp.

No Conservative believed for a moment that PMSH 'NEEDED' to kiss Duceppes ass to stay in power.
One of the 3 opps will prop up the government for at least another year.

Canadians still pick PMSH as best to run this country,
Iffy is running out of time before PMSH gets the sole credit for steering Canada out of the recession.