Thursday, May 07, 2009

Stephen Taylor finishes off his series of PCPO leadership interviews with Randy Hillier this afternoon.

Hillier emphasizes the policies he's announced and their benefits to all Ontarians (rather than benefits only to targeted demographics) and delves into some new areas:

  • Musing over the idea of a flat tax, which he says is a worthy one. (He doesn't comment on Elliott's proposal specifically),
  • Condemning Hudak's policy announcement today where he said he would focus on asset seizure as part of tackling grow ops in Ontario,
  • Highlighting his top priority to get Ontario back on track: cutting regulation and red tape that he says stifles economic activity and freedom.

You can also watch Stephen Taylor's interviews with Tim Hudak, Christine Elliott and Frank Klees.

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Konrad said...

While I'm not in favour of Hiller's bid for the PC leadership largely because I doubt his personality would jive well with urban Ontario, I nonetheless think that, whoever wins, they'd do good to adopt his suggestions regarding red tape reduction, reallowing the Spring Bear Hunt, raising the speed limit, privatizing the LCBO, etc.

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