Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What part of legal immigration don't you understand?

What part of legal immigration don't you understand? Hit & Run reports
that Reason magazine has won a "Maggie Award," given by the Western Publishing Association, for the best editorial cartoon - entitled "What part of legal immigration don't you understand?"

I wish (oh, how I wish) that I could post it here in a way that would make it easier to view, but you'll just have to click on it instead. Please do - it's brilliant.

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Luca Manfredi said...

Which kind of proves the point of many who choose to either not immigrate or come illegally despite being able to go legal: the wait times are completely nuts.

I thought PR processing in India and Africa was slow (up to 7 years), but the US one takes the biscuit.

Despite some abuse of the family stream, the Canadian system is quite a model to follow.

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