Monday, May 04, 2009

William Joseph reported last week on some promising economic policy (finally) from Tim Hudak's leadership camp.

Over the weekend Christine Elliott jumped into the fray as well, first calling for an end to the mandated 48 hour work week to return to the 60 hour work week as specified under the Employment Standards Act of 2000, and then calling for employment insurance reform that's better for Ontario and even considering pulling out of the federal EI program.

These are positive proposals, especially if she's serious about opting out of federal EI. Moving employment insurance to the provincial level, where it would be applied to a more similar workforce than it is when spread across the country, would be a good move that could see a reduction in the use of EI as a huge government slush fund and has the potential to make the program a lot more accountable.

These are good steps forward in the policy discussion that should be (and finally is) a part of this leadership race. Hopefully we can look forward to more fiscal policy from all candidates over the course of the week.

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