Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Young Waverer

Long-time followers of this blog and attendees of the Liberty Summer Seminar know all about the outlandishly talented Lindy Vopnfjörð. Lindy released his new album, Young Waverer, today, which you can (and should) buy on iTunes.

The music is beautiful, the lyrics are powerful. My favourite song on the album, Trail Tracker, is inspired by the story of Peter Jaworski's family's flight from communist Poland in 1984. Warsaw's Blinking Lights by Larry Reed's story of the underground radio, also in Poland. Inspiring stories of real-life heroes that shouldn't be forgotten. The Limit, according to Runtastic.com, is pretty much guaranteed to pick up my pace when I'm out for a jog. Hearing Voices is a painfully beautiful song that leaves with me goosebumps. I could go on about every song on the album.

Lindy is one of our best-kept secrets, but he shouldn't be. He should be everywhere. Check him out.

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