Monday, April 15, 2013


We are not less safe than we were yesterday, but it's been shown, again, that there are thousands and thousands of us ready and willing to help and to care for one another when we're needed.

Remember that and always be grateful for your friends and family and you won't give whoever has terrorized Boston today what they're looking for.

Update: Stories of kindness after the bombing from The Atlantic.


billydunn said...

Yet once again America gets attacked and yet once again the people are blinded! Blinded by the fact that radical Islam is here to stay. Why? Cause the U.S. and Canada will not do a damn thing about it. After 9/11 America embraced the wonderful benevolent religion of Islam and opened her doors, hearts and citizenship to all the Islamic world, shamefully under the leadership of the greatest president on American history. Even after the Benghazi attacks president Obama and stupid looking Hilary apologized to the Muslim world for a dumb video.

Prime Minister Stephan Harper has stated on the public record that radical Islam is the number one threat to Canada’s national and yet we have let in a record number of immigrants from Islamic countries that support jihad against the western world. In fact Canada has literally set the most pathetic example of appeasing radical Islam through the politically correct police and the fact that the government had failed to deport known terrorists living on Canadian soil. These known terrorists are considered just as Canadian as you and me despite the fact that they raise money for jihad, fight for the enemy killing coalition soldiers and openly pray for allah to destroy the Kuffar.

Great Britain has also embraced Islam despite the attacks of 7/7/05just the same as many other European countries. Political correctness has been the fertilizer that has helped radical Islam grow in Canada, America and Europe. Furthermore, the concept of political correctness intimidates the media, law enforcement and everyday patriotic people such as myself who are branded as racists, xenophobic and Islamaphobic.

May God have mercy!

Janet Neilson said...

There is not enough information to know anything about the bomber at this point. Islam is a peaceful religion with some violent followers. Yours is an ugly reaction to something that has brought out the best in most of us.

Ted Betts said...

Billy Dunn:

You are the one blinded.

With few exceptions, according to annual FBI statistics, domestic terrorism from right-wing groups is a far bigger problem than domestic terrorism from foreign or Islamic groups, year after year. It remains the number one threat in America and in Canada. I think mob violence is second.

Which is not to minimize the very real and urgent threat of foreign and Islamic radicals, but to open your eyes.

It is far too early to tell who did this. Only bigots have any certainty about it. This seems quite clearly to be more like the Atlanta Olympic bombing by that right wing terrorist or even the Oklahoma also by a right wing terrorist group. The Modus Operendi. Tax Freedom Day. Patriot Day. Same time of year as the Oklahoma bombing and Waco terrorism. Besides, when has an Islamic terrorist group not claimed credit for a terrorist attack?

But none of that is evidence. It's more evidence than you got, but it's not even circumstantial. So I'm not going to let myself look like a complete idiot like you and go on a rant that proves your idiocy and bigotry.