Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Link grab bag

I'm swamped in paper writing, but here are some things I would blog about at length if I had time, but will not have time to blog about at length until they're not timely. That's a mouthful.

Matt Zwolinski has presented six reasons for libertarians to abandon the absolute application of the Non-Aggression Principle as the single fundamental tenant of libertarianism. My personal favourite is number five: the NAP is parasitic on a theory of property - I just don't think the NAP is capable of standing on its own. Once you accept that, it's time to start wondering what else matters.

The best response I've seen so far is from Isaac Morehouse, though I'm not sure I'm convinced - it merits more thought. Taken from a Facebook comment:
"Another entirely tenable position is that the NAP is a sound and true moral principle, but that determining what counts as a violation of it is, on the moral level, a subjective and nuanced thing, and on the social level - in terms of justice - also difficult to determine. Therefore, the process by which violations are defined, determined, and dealt with must be an open and evolving process (i.e. market-based, common-law, open to competition and evolution, etc.) , even though the belief that a violation is always wrong is maintained. It is always wrong to murder, but we need flexible institutions that help us to discover what is an is not murder in each particular case.

There is no need to abandon the NAP as a sound basic principle, or even as precisely the reason that we need flexible and nuanced institutions. NAP does not, on it's own, lead to black and white all or nothing across the board definitions of what constitutes aggression in every case."
Speaking of Isaac, he's posted an interview with his eight-year old son. Give it a read, it's delightful. 

Andrew Coyne presents a case for a minimum income over a minimum wage that captures most of the problems with legislating wages.

And here is a photo of the bassist and drummer of the Avett Brothers rocking a Bleeding Heart Libertarians guitar strap. And yes, that's what it is.

UPDATE: Gina Luttrell at Libertarian Republic a great blog on defining rape culture as something that shouldn't be scary to libertarians and defending slut walks that I also do not have time to write about. 

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