Monday, December 07, 2015

Building the Death Star is what was costly.

I've got a letter in response to the National Post's on the economic cost of destroying the Death Stars up at FEE's blog.
"Last week's column, "Blowing up the Death Star in Star Wars would have cost more than $500 quintillion — and crippled the galaxy," is an amusing article, but it makes a disturbing error by neglecting the nature of Death Stars as killing machines. Musing about the cost of their destruction is like musing about the cost to the economy of dismantling a death camp. 
Three major errors in economic reasoning lead to this oversight..."
Read the rest here.

Bernier's bad bet

Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press Maxime Bernier is taking a gamble. He believes that there is a large, disenfranchised voting bloc in Canada...